A holistic approach for children with motor disorders

A holistic approach for children with motor disorders

We always start by finding out what a child can do

We believe that everyone can learn. In the right environment, with the right support, and with tasks broken down into small achievable steps, our capacity to learn is unbound.

Using an approach called Conductive Education, we always start by finding out what a child can do. Then, in our playful, supportive small group sessions we build on those capabilities to develop mobility, confidence and independence.


Through rhythm and repetition and the support of our specialist staff, children achieve key milestones such as sitting up, standing or taking their first steps. We also practice fine motor skills such as holding a spoon or a pen.


Our holistic approach supports social and emotional development and provides essential tools for communication and self-expression.


Children learn practical skills for daily living, such as getting dressed or sitting at the table for family meals. They become active learners, acquiring skills for problem solving that stay with them for life.

Our life-changing method

Our life-changing method

What is Conductive Education?

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Our Services

Our Services

We provide Conductive Education and other services for babies and children with movement disorders such as cerebral palsy.

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Services for Under 5s

For 5-12s

Services for 5-12s

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Services for Over 12s



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